Top Places to Date Trans people in Milan : Trendy places, Bars & Clubs

Milan is one of the most beautiful places around and it boasts affordable bars, restaurants, and lounges. When seeking a place to meet transsexual women in Milan, there are a lot of nice options. They provide the right atmosphere to find pretty transgender around the city. While these places are great for outgoing personalities, shy people will find it difficult.

It’s not easy for these quiet individuals to find love in trendy places in Milan. Dating sites have proven to be a more efficient and suitable way of finding one-night stands and love in Milan.

Local networks to meet trans people in Milan

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Top 19 places to Meet Transsexual Woman in Milan


Leccomilano is one of the finest gay bars in Milan. It is situated in a serene environment, where you can enjoy yourself. There are cocktails and Italian and continental meals. In the evening, the place is filled with trans women from across the city who want to have fun. It has colorful decor and an excellent street table.

Via Lecco, 5,20124 Milano, MI, Italy

Mono Bar

Mono Bar is one of the cozy LGBTQ bars in Milan. At this place, you will be entertained by great music from 5 pm. There are happy hours and they organize gay parties during the weekend. If you are coming in your car, come early to have a good chance to park.

Via Panfilo Castaldi, Via Lecco, 20124, Milano MI, Italy

Toilet club

If you are seeking a place to relax and have fun, Toilet Club is the best place to visit in the city. There are many LGBTQ at this bar as it offers many facilities that customers will enjoy. Their patio and interior decor and top-notch and you will be thrilled to hear European music.

Via Alfonso Gatto, 20,134, Milano, MI, Italy


This is one of Milan’s colorful gay-friendly bars close to the city center. You will be thrilled with a nightly aperitivo buffet, brunch, martini, and Scotch. While there is a house DJ, there are two DJs available during the weekend. You can dine in and also take out meals from this bar.

Via Luigi Varanini, 5,20,127, Milano, MI, Italy

La Bourn Milano

This is another of Milan’s LGBTQ-friendly bars which comes with so many promises. The facilities are great, with tasty meals and very cheap drinks. La Boum offers customers free Wi-Fi and you will find mature singles to chat with in the evening.

Via Pietrasanta, 15,20,141, Milano, MI, Italy

Vogue Ambition Milano

Vogue Ambition is a classy trans bar that is home to many mature people in the city. They have servers and the barmen are nice and you will enjoy the bar’s atmosphere. Weekends are the best time to visit this place because there are many activities.

Via Padova, 21,20127 Milano, MI, Italy

Q club

Q Club is another location where you can meet people for sex, romance, and love adventure in Milan. This club provides its customers with the best of services and you can pay with card or cash.

Via Padova, 21,20127 Milano, MI, Italy

Company Club

This is the top transsexual bar in Milan where you can meet anyone you want. There are spaces outside if you want to enjoy yourself and you could stay at their VIP lounges. Drinks you can find here include whiskey, Vodka, and rum.

Via Private Benadir, 14, 20,132 Milano, MI, Italy


This is a vintage but lively bar in Milan. It’s a bit far from the city center but if you want serenity and don’t like a noisy bar, then Plastic is a good choice. Friday is usually a gay night as there are different programs for transsexuals in the city.

Via Gargano, 15,20139 Milano, MI, Italy


This nice bar is also a good idea if you are new to the city and need somewhere to hang out. The security is polite and you will have a wonderful time there. This trans bar is in a good location in the city free of crime.

Piazza Morbegno, 20,125 Milano, MI, Italy

One way Disco Club Milano

If you are a music lover and need a little good location to enjoy yourself, One way is the ideal place. This club offers customers great services which include music, meals, and drinks. Their club runs regularly and attracts pretty LGBTQ across the city.

Via Felice Cavalloti, 204,20099 Sesto San Giovanni MI, Italy


The pop bar is a location where you can kill boredom in Milan. This quiet and unique gay bar provides customers with some great services. They open at 11 am and close late at night.

Via Alessandro Tadino, 5,20124 Milano, MI, Italy

Red Café

Red Café is an exciting trans bar in Milan. The settings and decor are excellent and offer many promises. You can enjoy Italian, English, and European music from the in-house DJ. There are many black transsexuals, shemales, tyranny, and other members of the third sex in this place.

Via Lecco, 5,20124 Milano, MI, Italy

Inferus Club

Inferus Club is a gay bar that offers excellent bar services. Customers can dine in, have a drink, and listen to music. On Fridays, they have happy hours which attract transgender from across the state.

Via Giovanni Paisiello, 4,20131 Milano, MI, Italy

Depot Milano

Depot Milano is an openly gay bar that you can visit anytime you are free. It’s a cozy avenue where many LGBT come to have a nice time.

Via Valtorta 19,20127 Milano, MI, Italy


Another good location you can visit in Milan to meet a beautiful transsexual woman is Afterline. They open in the afternoon and close around 3 am. Top attractions include tasty meals, nice music, games, activities like billiards, and many more.

Via Giovanni Battista Sammartini, 25, 20125 Milano MI, Italy


Patchouli is a modest café in Milan where you can enjoy yourself. If you don’t want a noisy location but just want a place to meet interesting people this is the ideal location. Drinks are nice, cold, and available in various types.

Via Giovanni Battista Cassinis, 76,20139 Milano MI, Italy

Candy Bar

Lovers of cocktails and other exotic drinks can come here to have a nice time. This is arguably the best place to go when you need a good drink in the city. Other attractions include games, happy hours, and nice music. You will also find the presence of beautiful singles to have a good time with.

Via Lecco, 10,20124 Milano, MI, Italy


This is a trendy LGBTQ-friendly bar that you can visit in Milan. The interior is nice and they offer excellent services. You will find many single ladies to enjoy one-night stands, hookups, and friendships with.

Via Gastone Pisoni, 1, 20,121 Milano, MI, Italy

Where to meet a transsexual woman in Milan?

You can find a transsexual woman in Milan when you visit lively bars and clubs. These places host numerous shows and parties which LGBTQ members attend. Though shy people will find it difficult to mingle with others, going out is an ideal way to meet people.

Although going out to these Milan bars and parties helps you meet a transsexual woman, dating sites are quicker and offer better chances of starting a relationship.

Going out is a way to meet people but not always easy for shy people

For relationships to thrive, you need to go out more and meet people. There are many interesting places to meet pretty ladyboys, gays, lesbians, and other third-sex members in the city. This isn’t the case for those with timid personalities though because they always find it hard to get along with new persons. Irrespective of what you are seeking from a transsexual woman in Milan transgender dating sites are a good option.

With dating sites, you get to build your relationship online before meeting them physically. Also, you have more matches to choose from online. If you want love, hookups, or flings from a transsexual woman, dating sites are more efficient.

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